The Final Fertility Test – Part 1 (The Test)

The Final Fertility Test - Part 1 - The Test

The Final Fertility Test – Part 1 – The Test

The Final Fertility Test – Part 1 (The Test)


This post isn’t written to for the purpose of receiving any sort of sympathy for the position I am in. Instead I want it to be a cautionary tale for anyone who is very overweight and reading this. It’s not an easy thing to share, however I think the importance of sharing it and hopes that it can push someone to change outweighs those concerns.

It’s about the damage you don’t expect the extra weight to do to your body, we’ve all heard about the risks associated with extra weight such as diabetes, heart attacks and hypertension to name a few. However almost every organ in the body is affected by additional weight and sometimes it’s the things that we least expect to be on the receiving end of bad news. For me, it feels like I’ve destroyed the very thing that makes me a man and I may have robbed myself of the chance to have biological children.



In 2015/2016 I weighed at least 200kgs. I was diagnosed with low testosterone due to my weight, I had grown so overweight that my body shut down my natural hormone production to cope. Normal levels of testosterone in adult men is 8.0+, my testosterone was 3.2. This had a devastating effect on my fertility. Testosterone is the male reproductive hormone that, among other things, facilitates sperm production. Thanks to my low testosterone, my sperm count and mobility became drastically low.


The Final Fertility Test – Part 1 (The Test)

Testosterone Test Results 2016 – Normal Testosterone levels 8.0+

Fertility Then

The problem with my fertility is two fold, first the sperm count was drastically low. Normal male sperm count is 15+ million sperm per millilitre , mine was 1.3 million. Secondly, my sperm motility was poor, which means the amount of healthy sperm, swimming freely, was low also. Put it simply, it means that there is very little chance my sperm could be used for IVF.


The Final Fertility Test – Part 1 (The Test)

Fertility test 2016


Although I was told losing weight may change my testosterone level, I had to prepare myself that it may not improve my fertility.


2018 Testosterone

On the positive side, since changing my lifestyle and losing 65+kgs I have successfully reversed my testosterone levels. My levels are now within the healthy range: 

The Final Fertility Test – Part 1 (The Test)

Testosterone Update 2018 – Updated testosterone result on the right 11.6)



Today I’ve done what is possibly my last fertility test. Knowing that if nothing has changed in relation to my fertility means my chances of having biological children are extremely slim. This has weighed on my mind since I initially found out. 

The Final Fertility Test – Part 1 (The Test)

Pathology Waiting Room

I’ve done everything in my power to try and change the outcome, however the overwhelming feeling that it could be too late and accompanying guilt is still there. The worst thing is knowing that I have done this to myself. The years of ignoring my relationship with and addiction to food, the lack of exercise and personal care. It ultimately rests on my shoulders.

The results will be ready by the end of the week. 

The Final Fertility Test – Part 1 (The Test)

Fertility Test Referral 2018