Do I Need Compression Wear? A Guide For Overweight Fitness Beginners

Do I Need Compression Wear? A Guide For Overweight Fitness Beginners

Do I Need Compression Wear? A Guide For Overweight Fitness Beginners


Do I Need Compression Wear? A Guide For Overweight Fitness Beginners

Compression wear is something that has gained in popularity over the last 7 years. Also commonly referred to as ‘Skins’, compression wear does what it’s name suggests, compresses your exterior. It’s reported to have many benefits for athletes such as increased blood flow, and keeping your muscles warm.

But do you need it if you’re just starting out? Well, that’s a harder question to answer. It depends on your body and what you intend to use it for.

Why I Use Compression Wear

Loose Skin

I use compression wear daily, I don’t use them for athletic performance or to help my blood flow and I doubt you will either if you’re just beginning.

I first started using compression wear on my weight loss journey last year. I had reached a point in my training where I had started to develop a lot of loose skin from my losing size. The main area I developed loose skin was around my upper arms, chest and thighs. When I was working out I could feel the sweat in between the folds of skin and hear them slapping when I moved around. It was distracting and would pull me out of the mental game I needed to push myself. 

I first heard about wearing compression wear for loose skin through this Obese to Beast video and I decided to give it a go. First I only wore it during my workouts, it helped keep everything in its place while I worked out. This year I began wearing  compression wear under all my shirts as the lose skin around my chest started bothering me daily.


Other Compression Wear Uses

Stops Chaffing

I don’t suffer from chaffing as much these days, but when I was beginning my journey it was a constant problem, especially between my legs. I used to wear track/sweat pants to the gym along with boxers and it didn’t give me any relief. I had read about using vaseline but the thought of that on my skin during a workout seemed gross. I really wish I had considered compression wear back then as it would have saved me a lot of pain and hassle. 


Wicks Away Sweat

If you sweat a lot or you’re self conscious about your sweat, compression wear can be of great benefit. This reason also flows back into the main reason why I use compression wear. I hate the feeling of sweat in certain areas while I’m working out. It interferes with my mental focus.

Compression wear is very effective in moving sweat away from your body. It won’t keep you completely dry but it will stop you feeling like you’re swimming in your own bodily fluids.


Self Confidence

Sometimes I have days where I feel gross or bigger than what I am, I feel self conscious and it can knock my self-esteem and at its worst it can stop me from working out. I’ve found compression wear helps me with this problem. Thanks to it pushing everything together and holding it in place it feels much more comfortable and stops the saggy effect that being overweight can have.

If it makes you feel good about yourself and encourages you to get out and excercise then it’s worth the investment.


Buying Compression Wear


How Tight Should It Be?

Compression wear should feel snug and secure against your body, it should feel comfortable and non-restrictive. Remember you still need to be able to exercise in it. Make sure it doesn’t cut off any circulation. If you can feel your pulse because of it, that means it’s too tight.


How Should I Wear It?

I wear my compression wear as an underwear layer. Generally I put on the compression shorts / pants first with the compression top second, pulling any excess from the shirt over my compression shorts. I don’t tuck the compression top in the pants because this causes the shorts to roll. 

I normally pair this with basketball shorts and a generic synthetic active wear shirt.

Do I Need Compression Wear? A Guide For Overweight Fitness Beginners

My Workout Clothes

What Compression Wear Should I Buy First?

Compression wear can be an expensive investment, especially if you’re planning to buy a few pairs. I wouldn’t recommend racing out and buying Skins, 2XU or other top shelf brands right away, especially if you’re not sure if compression wear is your thing.

I would recommend checking out eBay as a good beginning, you can get some good quality compression wear to test and then invest in more as you progress. The cost can become overwhelming along your journey especially because your body will be changing.