My Fractured Ribs Workout Plan

For 6 weeks I have to change my main goal from weight-loss to healing. It’s been a hard concept to adapt to. For almost a year now I’ve been entirely focused on eating right and giving 100% when exercising. At the moment, I can’t do that and it’s infuriating.

Deep down I’m petrified of putting on weight or slipping back into old habits. The first fear, putting on weight, as much as I hate it, it’s probably going to happen over this period. I have to acknowledge that it’s ok and I can work on it when I’m fully healed. I mean, I can accept it at the same time as not liking it. So I’ve chosen not to weigh myself until I am back to my usual routine. I need to concentrate on healing and not obsess about the fear of putting on weight.

Having said that though, I still need a plan in place to insure I don’t fall back into bad habits during this period. Hence this workout plan. Today is the last day of Week 2, the last day of only walking. Tomorrow I’ll be heading back into the gym to begin light cardio and leg weights. It will be trial and error getting back into it. I just have to remember not to push it too much. The last thing I want to do is add more time away from my main goal.