58kgs Lost (142kgs – 313lbs)

July 22 2017

Looking down the barrel and knowing I had to lose 100kg wasn’t an easy thing to digest. At best, with an average loss of 1kg a week it’s going to be close to a 2 year journey. Now that I’m over half way with 42kg to go I’d love to say it’s easier, and to some extent it is, while other ways it doesn’t seem so. Getting to this stage the easiest things are my habits and lifestyle has dramatically changed, healthy eating and physical activity are now part of my daily life.

The hardest part is patience and perseverance, I want that goal so bad, I want it now. We all want that quick fix right? We want to lose this much weight or look a certain way and we want it as fast as possible. That hasn’t changed for me, it’s what drives me.

I’ve found there’s only one short cut to achieving goals, your motivation. If you really want something that bad, you’ll do it. If it takes time, you’ll find the time. If it takes effort, you’ll find the effort. Wanting to change is the easy part, turning that feeling into action is where it begins.