My Weight Loss Motivation and Antidepressants – A Brief Overview

15th February 2016

I weighed around 193kgs. Luckily I had seen the same specialist and was able to get weighed.

I had started going to the gym semi regularly, my diet wasn’t the cleanest at this stage but my weight was slowly dropping. I still didn’t have the motivation to take it as seriously as I do now. That wouldn’t come until much later. I was diagnosed with low testosterone and pre-diabetes, both due to my weight. 8 months later I would find out my weight was also wreaking havoc with my fertility.

The best analogy I can use for this time is it was like an engine starting, after you turn the key it doesn’t start that instant. The engine has to go through a process before you can drive. This period of time was like my engine beginning to start, finding the fuel for the right mindset.


My Weight Loss Motivation and Antidepressants - A Brief Overview

193kgs and tapering off antidepressants



At this time I was also on antidepressants to help with my anxiety and depression. The antidepressants had served their purpose, maybe too well as during my 4 years on them I stopped caring about my fitness and stopped looking after myself. They killed my motivation and increased my affection for unhealthy indulgence. It was like I was living inside a cloud that was encased within 4 walls. My focus was obscured and even though I tried to push through the brick wall would be there and a part of me gave up too easily.

I had started weaning my off them with medical help. I found out that the longer you are on antidepressants the longer the takes to taker off them. So for me it was a very slow process as I had been on them for 4 years.

If you are planning to taper off any medication make sure you do it with medical supervision.